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EXTRA PRECAUTIONS FOR COVID19 in the coming weeks

Hi Fetch Family,

As promised, here's an update about how we plan to move through the next few weeks (or longer) to help keep you, the community, and ourselves safe from the spread of the virus.

- Starting today, we began wearing latex gloves and disposing of those gloves after every visit to your houses. In between visits, we are using hand sanitizer and washing with antibacterial soaps throughout the day.

- We have a bulk order of new leashes coming in on Tuesday and will begin using the Fetch leashes with every pup we take out. The leashes will stay with us here at Fetch and we will sanitize them every evening before using them in the pack the next day.

- We also have an order of antifungal/antibacterial/antimicrobial wipes for dogs coming in on Tuesday and will be giving the pup's coats a wipe down before they come home to you. If your pup has skin sensitivities, we're happy to discuss other options, or can share an active ingredients list with you upon request.

- Many of you will be working from home and though we love seeing your shiny, happy faces, we'll be keeping our distance. The City of Somerville recommends a distance of six feet, so please don't be offended if we only step inside the door to gather your furry family members for their walks.

The World Health Organization has declared that dogs can't get COVD19, but we're taking extra precautions with sanitizing their fur, just in case they're able to carry it. As for Fetch, we haven't had any international or domestic travel in more than six months and are not showing any symptoms of COVID19.

If we begin to present symptoms, we will cancel services immediately, self-quarantine, and wait to be tested. If you or your family members exhibit symptoms, please let us know so we can plan ahead. We will need to cancel services until you have tested negative for the virus.

For those of you working from home and continuing your services with us, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. COVID19 is going to have a major impact on the professional pet-sitting industry. We operate on very small margins and significant loss of revenue could cause us to go out of business.

Here are ways you can help us during this crisis:

  1. - Share our social media posts (fetch.somerville on Instagram)

  2. - Refer your friends/family (We offer you a free walk if we sign a new Monday-Friday client whom you've recommended. During the COVID19 crisis, we'll be offering you a free walk if you recommend any client regardless of schedule.)

  3. - Drop us a review on YELP or Angie's List.

  4. - Be on the lookout and take us up on other services we may be offering, such pick up/drop off at the groomer or vet, training tips, yard clean up/poop disposal, and park visits)

As always, we're so lucky to have the best clients in the world. Please stay safe and healthy. Let's keep communicating and help keep each other safe. ❤️

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