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Do you live in or around Boston? Have you rescued the best dog ever? Want to show off just how amazing you and your pup are by being on camera and helping us bring more awareness to rescue dog organizations?


GREAT! We're happy to have you! We've embarked on a media project that showcases just how amazingly important it is to help the more than 7 MILLION rescue pups currently residing in shelters across the United States.

We're covering a popular song with our own original lyrics and shooting footage of you and your dog being exactly who they are: silly, loyal, loving, slow, kind, naughty, beautiful, and free.

If you're comfortable being on camera with your pup, shoot us a message with RESCUE as the subject title below and tell us about you and your dog. We'll get right back to you and set up a time to meet/film. Thanks for helping with this project.


Thanks! Message sent.

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